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music - Snoop's Stash Box

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music - Snoop's Stash Box

Each Snoop’s Stash Box contains an NFT of one of the 18 tracks from Snoop’s record B.O.D.R.(Bacc on Death Row), chosen randomly. \r\n\r\nSnoop’s Stash is never in short supply- each box is packing all three Gala Music-exclusive bonus tracks from Tha Doggfather’s 19th studio album, as well as the exclusive Snoop track “Stash Box”. \r\n\r\nAll Gala Music tracks can be paired to a Gala Music node to enable earnings once the ecosystem is live. \r\n\r\nAs an extra surprise, each stash box contains either a rare NFT from Snoop or a Gala Games item with the potential for in-game utility! Tons of rare items are available, ranging from Town Star buildings, to Spider Tanks weapons, or even in-game land. \r\n\r\nPlease Note: the Snoop x Aoki token has already been exchanged and no longer features utility.

Open Access for May Mayhem 2023 🚀

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